Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Difficulties to rank on top are expanding step by step. It has gotten imperative to observe all the exacting principles to compose connecting with content. I will compose proficient, SEO streamlined articles for your site. Special substance causes you to favor your site in Google AdSense.Technical SEO

I have insight of composing site content for over 2 years. I have composed numerous articles that are completely SEO improved. On the off chance that you wish to see my work message me, and I will give you the archive.

Composing is my obsession, and I love to compose content that will help other people to produce income on web indexes. To accomplish this, you need extraordinary substance; really at that time will you have the option to rank high.

·100% original – Copyscape passed

·Top-quality, engaging and eye-catchy

· Grammarly pass content with a 95+ score

.SEO optimized, which will lead more visitors to your site

Speed Optimization

>Leverage Browser Caching

 >Image Compression and Serve Scale

 >And Much more.

What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the Process of guaranteeing That a site meets the specialized

necessities of current pursuit with the objective of improved natural positioning.

Significant components of Technical SEO incorporate crawling,indexing,rendering,and

Site design.

Why Is Technical SEo Important?

You can have best site with the best content.

But if you’re not going to rank.

At the most besic level.Google and other search engines need to be able to find,

craw,render and index the pages on your website.

But tha’s just seratching the surface.even if google DOES index all of site’s

Content,that doesn’t mean your  job Is done.

That’s because,for your site to be fully optimized,for technical SEO,your site’s pages

Need to be secure,mobile optimized,free of duplicate content, fast-loding..and a

Thousand other things that go into technical optimization.

That’s not to say that your technical SEO has to be perfact to dosen’t .

But the easier your it for google to access your content,the better chance you

Have to rank.

How Can you Improve Your Technical SEO?

Like I said,Thechnical SEO,isn’t just crawling.

To improve your site’s technical optimization,you need to take into account:

  • Javascript
  • Site architecture
  • URL structure
  • Structuredb data
  • Thin content
  • Duplicate content
  • Hreflang
  • Canonical tags
  • 404 pages
  • 301 redirects

Use a Flat,Organized Site Structure

Your site structure is how all of the pages on your’s website are organized.

In genarel ,you want a structure that’s other  words: your site’s pages should

All be only a few links away from one another.

Why is this important?

A flat structure Makes it easy for Google and other Search engines to craw 100% of

Your site’s pages.

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I’m Kumrul Parvez, SEO Specialist, and Expert Web Developer. I believe that good quality marketing should be accessible to everyone and My mission is to be at the forefront of my client's needs. My goal is to help other people get started/influence their business and guide them toward a successful Business Person. I am graduated from Computer Science and Engineering. Now I am working as a Gov. SEO Trainer. My educational background help me to perform according to my client’s expectations. I am very skilled in On-Page SEO, Linkbuilding/Backlink, Guest Posting, and Technical SEO.

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